UAS Advisory Board

Chaffee County has established a UAS Advisory Board, which promotes and facilitates the successful execution of the County’s UAS Certificates Of Authorization.

UAS Advisory Board Members

Dennis Heap, Consultant – Airport Administration and Operations
Central Colorado Regional Airport Advisory Board, (719) 395-2041

Patti Arthur, Aviation and Tax Attorney,  Anderson & Hughes, PC
Former Airline Pilot and Airline Instructor, (719) 539-7003

Dennis Dempsey, Retired IT Executive – Airline and Travel Distribution Systems
Salida Airport Advisory Board;  Private Pilot, (719) 221-6777

Wendell Pryor, Director, Chaffee County Economic Development Corp,, (719) 207-0801

Mark T. Muller, CEO Topogen
Private Pilot, Remote Pilot, (386) 451-3377

Taylor Albrecht, Aviation Educator,  TNL Aviation
Part 107 Pilot / Ground School Instructor; President Central Colorado UAS Club; Central Colorado Regional Airport Advisory Board 581-2010

Michael Phelps CPA, Commercial Airline Pilot
Chaffee County Search & Rescue North

Fred Henderson III, Ph.D., Geology, Geohermal, Geospaal and Environment, (719) 395-0440         

Jerome Steinauer, DDS – Retired, Past Mayor/Trustee, Town of Buena Vista
Central Colorado Regional Airport Advisory Board, (719) 395-2964

Michael Feather, Intern

Keith Baker, Chaffee County Commissioners, (719) 539-2218

Bob Christiansen, Director of General Administration, Chaffee County, (719) 530-5560