UAS Advisory Board

Chaffee County has established an UAS Advisory Board, which will promote and help facilitate the successful execution of the UAS COA’s.

UAS Advisory Board to the County

Chairman:  Alison Brown, Ph.D. – President & CEO, NAVSYS,, (719) 481-4877 x124

Vice-Chair: Dennis Heap, Consultant – Airport Administration and Operations,, (719) 395-2041

Wendell Pryor, Director, Chaffee County Economic Development Corp,, (719) 207-0801

Attorney: Patti Arthur, Anderson & Hughes PC,

Secretary: Dennis Dempsey, Retired IT Executive – Airline/Travel & Telecommunications Industry,, (719) 221-6777

Mark T. Muller, CEO Topogen,, (386) 451-3377

Chaffee County Commissioners, Dennis Giese,

County Administrator, Bob Christiansen,, (719) 530-5560

UAS Consultant to the County, Stan L. VanderWerf ,  Advanced Capital Consulting,, (719) 640-8879